If you’re a talented artist or a student that just started his/her studies, it’s a very good idea to harness your creativity as quickly as possible. Crafting Talents has created the ultimate brush set that can help you take your creativity to new heights in no time. This is the ultimate gift for students or artists that want vibrant colors for their upcoming projects.


Why should you purchase this brush set?


We added 15 professional grade, short handle artist brushes. These come in a variety of sizes and styles.  No matter if you paint for a living or you just want to gift these set, they will accommodate your needs without any hassle.


Aside from that, the package also includes a stand up carrying case as well as a steel and wood special effect painting knife. You will also find an artist 24-wells paint palette with lid to keep your paint combinations from frying out, and a set of 12×12 ml acrylic paint of the best quality on the market.


Crafting Talents uses only high-quality filaments for their bristles. This makes it easier to protect brushes from any solvent or harsh paint damage. In addition, these brushes are very easy to clean, and they will last for a very long time if you give a good care to them!


What type of acrylic paint brushes can you find in the Crafting Talents set?


We wanted to make sure that all artists will be able to find the right variety of brushes for any project. This is why all brushes added here are visually impressive, and some of the best on the market. Our package includes the following type of acrylic/watercolor/oil paint brush:


  • Flat brushes are very good for filling wide spaces, and they also come with a great paint capacity as well as high color capacity. You can use them when you need some bold, sweeping strokes or fine lines
  • Script or liner brushes are narrow but with long bristles. As a result, this makes them ideal for fine detailing, highlights, outlining and some long, continuous strokes.
  • Detail rounds will be suitable for lines, short strokes and detailed work. They also have round pointed tips and ferrule.
  • Fan brushes are good for adding texture, adding leaves on trees, blending clouds, smoothing or blending. They have spread bristles.
  • Angular brushes are great for very precise work. You can use them for things like shading, curved strokes, filling corners and a variety of similar tasks.
  • Filbert brushes are great at blending. But they can be really good for broad strokes with soft edges and detail work in general.


As you can see, this paint brush set has all the tools you need for a great artistic experience. Don’t hesitate, purchase this for yourself or your loved ones. In fact, this set is the ultimate gift for artists, and you should give it a shot, it will be well worth the investment. You can also acquire it today at a special price, so take advantage while the offer lasts!