We started out as a small family own business committed to ethical standards that are built around honest values and timeless principles that will never change.  Our products are built to last, make your artistic life easier and better.

All of our products go through testing before we offer them to our customers and we work very hard on every item to make sure it meets all of our standards.

Our logo Design is based around the “pollera” and “tembleques”. The pollera is a dress made from fine fabrics and embroidery and in Panama is still made all by hand and takes up to a year to complete, this dress for us represents traditions and hard work and we see it as a symbol of quality, beauty and craftsmanship.  The gold and pearl “mosquetas” and “tembleques” that serve as the accessories to a pollera are generally passed down as heirlooms through generations.  These fit with our belief that value is found in honest old fashion traditions and ideas produced by the hands of skilled craftsmen.

In short our mission statement is to provide the best quality products that make the development of your art enjoyable and easy.

Crafting YOUR Talents!