Hand-tooled Lightweight Genuine Leather Earrings


Hand-tooled Genuine Leather Earrings with Impression Jasper Barrel shaped gemstones in light green and cream tones. The findings are sterling silver. The painted accents are in rose gold to give good contrast.

Dare to be different or give something different!

You can choose different stone colors:
Ruby Crazy Lace Agate Star or
Brazil Amazonite Star Cut (Light green)

You can choose Sterling Silver, Gold Plated or Copper findings.

The accents can be painted in these colors:
Purple, Gold, Rose Gold, Turquoise, White, Black, Silver, Navy Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red or Dark Brown.


When placing an order be sure to add a note to let us know 1. What color you would like the stone 2. What color you want the accents and 3. What type of finding (metal on back of earring)



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