Genuine Leather Hand Carved Maple Leaves and Hand Stitched Cartridge Holder


This cartridge holder case is hand carved and hand stitched with a double stitch in Wilsall, Montana. It has a loop in the back of the case so you can loop it right onto your belt and have it right on your side wherever you go. It’s small enough to put in a bag if you would prefer to do that. This case holds up to 12 cartridges. This case is held closed with a snap to keep your cartridges safe. Each holder needs to be customized for the size of cartridges you have so let us know what dimensions you need hand stitched inside. All products are made with raw natural materials so each item will be different in it’s own unique way! Everything is handmade so allow time for the product to be made.

This is the perfect for that special man in your life on your 3rd anniversary or a just because gift!


Please remember to add in the notes, when purchasing, what size cartridges you have so we can make them to fit yours!


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